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The key to our success is experience and knowledge. Our professional staff has graduate degrees in public administration, political science and academic editing. In addition, staff members have decades of experience as academic writers and editors, political journalists, government public relations consultants and academic policy researchers. Our work has included:

  • Providing academic editorial services. We have provided the editorial services that have helped academic researchers get their papers published and their conference papers accepted. Our edited work has even won best conference paper awards for our clients.
  • Graduate Student Support. We’ve lent a hand to graduate students starting their academic careers by providing editing guidance for dissertations, journal articles and conference papers.
  • Writing and producing newsletters and reports for government agencies, institutes and organizations. This has involved the writing and production of monthly and quarterly newsletters for academic institutes, state and local government agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • Speech writing. Our speeches for leaders in academe and government have covered a broad array of policy topics.
  • Writing editorials and articles. Our editorials and articles written for clients have appeared in nationally-respected newspapers and magazines.
  • Providing manuscript editing services. We’ve helped our clients get their books published by assisting them in producing a polished manuscript ready for publication.
  • Research and writing support to governments. We’ve assisted governments and individual policymakers to effectively communicate with constituents and the media. This has included writing press releases, website content and editorials for local publications.
  • Providing editorial support to non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations often lack the resources needed for effective communication. We’ve assisted many by writing the grant applications that have gotten their projects funded, by writing the content for their websites, by producing their newsletters and by writing and/or editing their policy papers.

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