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Services for Academics and Graduate Students
Our staff members have a successful track record in assisting individuals in getting their academic papers published, their conference papers accepted, their dissertations polished and their editorials published. For those looking to publish a book, we can help prepare your manuscript for publication. And if you need a speech or help writing an editorial or article, we can assist you. We are particularly interested in assisting graduate students and individual faculty members and offer reasonable individual rates.

Policy Institutes and Organizations
Our staff are specialists in providing writing and research services to institutes and organizations involved in public policy and policy research. We have years of experience working as writers covering government and politics, as editors and writers for public policy institutes and as policy researchers with academic institutes. In addition, our staff have advanced degrees in political science, public policy and administration and are themselves successfully published authors of academic policy papers.

Our services in this area include the complete writing and/or editing of policy papers and reports, of conference papers, of scholarly research articles and of editorials. We’ve helped write policy papers that have gotten the attention of members of Congress and presidential administrations. In addition, we have staff members who also have experience in writing federal appropriations to help fund public/private partnerships and who also have a successful track record in grant writing.

Government Services
We know that many governments and government agencies at the state and local levels often need some extra or short-term writing, research and public relations support. We have individuals on staff with years of experience working as local government administrators, press officers and media consultants. They know how to write grants, reports, policy papers, and press releases, and, of course, political speeches. Several of our staff members also have experience working as consultants to local governments on management issues, policy development and public and media relations.

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